All The Things I Once Thought


For my degree show I created a 1m x 2.5 m digital print on silk organza. I created the image using my EEG readings. The raw data from using the Brainwave headset is in a numerical form. In order to visualise this data into waves I used a graph making system named I then created a video piece of these waves on loop. I have used video footage like this throughout the whole project, namely on my interim piece.

As an experiment I took photographs of these brain waves using a low shutter speed to see how they would transform. I was fascinated by the results, it created beautiful waves of different weights and transparencies and I knew I wanted to take more of these images and build my final piece around them.

The print is hemmed at one end in a loop for the rod to go through, basically like a curtain pole. The pole is then suspended using caribiner clips and parachute chord and then hooked to the ceiling.

I have always been fascinated by the fragility of our minds and the methods we use to monitor them is what has inspired this whole project. To compliment these defined, yet airy and flowing images I decided to print on silk organza. The material is almost weightless and incredibly fragile. It was the only vision I had for the piece, and I’m incredibly thankful and relieved I managed to find the services to be able to print it in this way.

The piece is shown alongside a series of framed prints entitled, ‘222’.




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