Studio Prep: Preparing the Poles and Test Hanging

Firstly I had to drill holes into the hollow pole I am using to hang the print. This way I can insert the cord and tie it in a knot inside the pole, making the hanging look more seamless.



I also managed to try out the cariber clips I had purchased and was able to use these to hang the pole to the hooks on the ceiling




the cord is very lightweight and rope like, meaning it is very easy for me to cut to the exact size I need. I also bought a lot more of it than I really needed



I used hemming tape as a way to temporarily hem the print in a loop that the pole can be inserted into. I wanted to do this just so I could really visualise how the print will look when its hung. At this point its very rough around the edges, but I have since put it into a dressmakers who are going to hem it for me, meaning it will be hemmed neatly and directly against the design on the silk (without the large white piece at the top).




The poles are 2 metres long and the print is 1 metre wide so it fits perfectly in the middle of the pole.




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