Digital Silk Print – Finding the correct printing Facilities

For the last month or so I had been trying to outsource somewhere that I could digitally print on silk. I was keen on using silk or mesh material as in my head the piece I wanted to make was translucent and light.  After speaking to Charlotte in the print room I realised I wouldn’t be able to make the kind of work I wanted as there wasn’t the equipment to facilitate it at Wimbledon. I got in contact with Ling, the former print room technician at Wimbledon who is now based at LCC but ran into the same issue here that I did at Wimbledon. Essentially the problem was that the printers are under warranty and can only use paper or epson certified canvas as any other materials put through may damage the printer. Ling did however suggest I visit Chelsea and ask about fabric printing there as there are textiles courses taught at the college.


I showed up unannounced, not really knowing who to look for but after speaking with a few staff members I was put in contact with the digital print technician Kenny. Chelsea has a printer that is specifically designed for printing on fabric which was perfect for what I needed. I was able to print on silk organza there and have the material included in the price. It cost £25 per metre and my print was 1m x 2m which was better priced than what I would have payed if I had outsourced it from a private company. This is the final image I chose for the print. I worked with Kenny to ensure it was the correct resolution and was a suitable image.


fpr print.jpg


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